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hay bales

Hay Bales on the Field

The whole landscape was full of them in the midst of an infinite broad, horizon touching landscape. The Weser river valley in its surroundings. Or the vast wide region beyond the river valley. A different type of experience of being lifted up by eternal space in comparison to the seaside, but all the more ravishing.

ancient oak

Ancient Oak Being

You simply can not understand this Being. Here they are standing. Or laying around in pieces. Some still reaching with their dead top branches into the white blue skies. Others surviving on a hollow but still grounded trunk. Trunks where you can look straight through empty fissures and branch holes into the green uplighting of the surroundings.

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Enlightening & Blue as a windflaw at sea

With the comeback of sunshine - finally - new perspectives were opening this morning. Look and find out what the sea would bring us this time. Have a deep and repeated dive in the green heaving powersplash of the surf and wash all your chimeras and cobwebs out of mind and soul. Walking with the gliding gulls. Looking for new viewpoints. So I made that liberating dive and todays selection shows you a light shiny seascape with a touch of wind blowing through. Enlightening & Blue.

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The Dance of Light and Dark

It happened after swimming a few rounds. There was this hesitation: shall I plunge in again and stay longer in the refreshing sea? Or, as I was looking around, seeing drifting in from the South all those darkening clouds, mixed with the white greys meaning thunder... But above my head the wide blue and white sky, leaving open bright sunny spots... Bad weather had been announced, but experience here at the peninsula has taught me not to anticipate too quickly. Under circumstances it’s rewarding to stay patiently and await the unforeseeable changes in the evolving cloud patterns. But sometimes you may run fast not to be soaked.

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Our wild Arkadian Birds

Today we made our long Eastern promenade crossing a nearby park. There between the lightening fresh greening trees, Willemien discovered a new track, which she baptised into “small philosophers pathway”. So, now also here near our pied-a-terre behind the dunes we are connected to that very personal web of paths, roads, walking ways, which I have named “my small philosophers way”.

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