Ancient Oak Being

You simply can not understand this Being. Here they are standing. Or laying around in pieces. Some still reaching with their dead top branches into the white blue skies. Others surviving on a hollow but still grounded trunk. Trunks where you can look straight through empty fissures and branch holes into the green uplighting of the surroundings.

We are walking through “Sababurg Urwald”, a primeval forest, full of Old-growth Oaktrees and Beeches. We are wandering between surviving natural ruins. Here you enter the silence of centuries, of ages. Everywhere you stumble over downfallen parts, branches, falling to dust, rising up again in new forms of life. Sometimes the metamorphosis transforms an old oak into a new one, sometimes different organisms are growing out of a dying oaktree. There are trees within trees. This is a graveyard as well as a nursery. We walk amidst this Dance of Life and Death.

In our deep amazement we all feel in unfathomable awe in this primeval timeless Garden of Change. We wander touching the giant trunks, longing for connection with, for empowerment by these unspeakable concentrations of forces. Here you can sit and meditate.

Or you may enter into humble prayer, as happened to me, later on between the columns of the mediaeval Cloister Church of Lippoldsberg. Feeling serene and safe, grateful in receiving all these “miracles”. No longer questioning for answers. There are no answers. You simply can not understand this Being in Between the Dance of Life and Death.