Wistful Oak is shorthand for various meditations from the old oaktree that guards our family home, somewhere uphill in the ‘Weserbergland’.

Since time immemorial, the roots of this Grey Eminence brings together the natural downhill streams and the upward moving and dancing of fruit baring leaves into the ever changing skies. Through its bold trunk and wide spreading branches this oaktree connects, contracts and delivers the energies and rhythms of heaven and earth, mountain and river waters, forest and urban life.

The name of this website mirrors the symbol of a meditative oaktree. After some searching, erring and exploring, it is a new creative beginning somewhere between art, poetry and reflection.

Wistful Oak offers a window for work in progress: sketches, poetic exercises, photographic impressions and philosophical notes. They’re collected under the healing inspiration of the oaktree, honouring the silent encounters with old friends with whom we share our natural habitat.