Thankyou dear loverboy,
from searching back my
shabby shed all through
the darkness of this night

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Deepening Grounds for Spiritual Reflection

Everyday life is full of petty absurdities. Little questions resonated through me as I crossed the deep-green foottracks in the nearby park, full of waterways, hidden canals, overgrown with green vegetation. The park connects our neighbourhood with the dunes. High dunes from where you can look over the sea beyond. The sky was grey, the wind cold. The surf looked greygreen and not quite inviting. But I took my salty dips, plunging around. Washing away all absurdities, questions. As we walked home again longing for hot tea, we gave each other a hand. Hers being as cold as mine. How heart warming!

Oaktree with Character

Monday Morning took off in suiting Grey. Darkgrey is the Garbage Container that is looking out for emptying. Grey is the Morning Tea. Grey is my pullover put on to keep warm when going outside. And so on and so forth just until I climbed into the hill garden to take on the Radical Extraction Work, lifting the Herculean Pickaxe. And as the sun broke through – a changing of colours everywhere.