Thankyou dear loverboy,
from searching back my
shabby shed all through
the darkness of this night.

But may I ask you Why?
Wasn’t it good enough?
Our short encounter before
the dinnerbell was ringing?
Did not my heart&beauty
give it all to satisfy your
cravings for that worldwide
colored glory to flaunt with
pride your fine aisthesis?
We know you simply use
our priceless beauty and stay
serene. You Boy can come&go…

I see, you just forgot to
to put your nose in my
corsage and hold your
breath and smell deeply
all the freshness in the
odors of my nature. Well,
you may remind my wild
temptations, so hold it
through the abyss of this
night and bring it back
tomorrow in your singing
heart. Without remorse
or shame, just as the
the day will start.