Our wild Arkadian Birds

Today we made our long Eastern promenade crossing a nearby park. There between the lightening fresh greening trees, Willemien discovered a new track, which she baptised into “small philosophers pathway”. So, now also here near our pied-a-terre behind the dunes we are connected to that very personal web of paths, roads, walking ways, which I have named “my small philosophers way”.

It knows its tracks here in Holland and of course in Germany. There it is not only connected with the great Heidelberger Philosophenweg. But also with the Small one (Kleiner Philosophenweg) in the nearby Petersthal. We walked both ways with Mischa when she still was very young. And as I may have told you, that Small Way also mounts up through our Carlsheaven Forest backyard. There it turns higher up beyond our Oaktree-Hut. So good to discover the missing track nearby, just around the corner here. It enriches our existence.

In the park surprisingly we found also some “hyacinth grove”-spots, green and blue, sunlight beaming in. After taking photos we crossed through the dunes to the beach. There we took the Northern side. The weather was really warm enough to go barefoot. And there on one of the many stream breakers an old, primitive scene attracted us on to the slippery pier. Green smelly algae covering part of the old basalt stone work.

This photograph shows how the eager gulls were flying above the surf, sitting on immersing stones, loudly crying their hungry fishing song, fluttering and shrieking, like the mythological Stymphalian birds. Their almost bloodthirsty preying, pecking and stabbing, chasing each other to occupy the best stone to keep stable under the clashes of incoming waves. And the sea laughed loudly rolling on and on to play again this dramatic scene and again… and again. With our feet on the basalt, kneeling sometimes, we were forgetting ourselves and the rest of the world. We felt as Noble Savages, there in that wonderful seaside Arkadia.