Free to fly with the gulls

This morning started windy and with fast moving clouds. When I saw the sea again for the second time, There was real roughness in the air and in the waters. Sand blew over the beach and at the low tide surfline the sea was spewing dirty looking green brown foam. In thick fat flakes all along the shore. So I got the full foul phlegm over my trousers and stinky wet shoes.

But what a thrilling scene to be in. Together with the many gulls, standing where they could, flying up in great swarms, as you can see on todays photo. There were a few kitesurfers, riding and falling and tumbling and raising up again. I was so caught up in this overwhelming scene,that I barely noticed how cold the fierce Western really was.

Finally a shivering convinced me that it was time to return. Time for a comfortable lunch together for all three of us, here in our small but cosy pied-a-terre behind the Northsea dunes.