Enlightening & Blue as a windflaw at sea

With the comeback of sunshine – finally – new perspectives were opening this morning. Look and find out what the sea would bring us this time. Have a deep and repeated dive in the green heaving powersplash of the surf and wash all your chimeras and cobwebs out of mind and soul. Walking with the gliding gulls. Looking for new viewpoints. So I made that liberating dive and todays selection shows you a light shiny seascape with a touch of wind blowing through. Enlightening & Blue.

My purpose will be to experiment in finding creative ways to transcend or transform on a different level of art and spirituality, the facts of life and feelings that hamper or haunt me. Not by simply sublimating – reshaping into the artful “sublime” – I’m not that good in photography… but by something still under construction.

Here you will find my daily efforts – not in any form of (in)direct (anti-)politics – but as proofs of awakening to my true, original self. In the midst of historical and eco-social life, transcending these givens into gifts, transforming them onto a spiritually enlightened level. Not by way of negation or totally leaving behind, but in order to open mind and soul for a compassionate way of caring for the suffering in the historical and eco-social worlds. This seems to be complex or difficult, on the level of words. But you see, it can be so Enlightening&Blue as a windflaw at sea, and preferrably if the sun shines, of course.