The Dance of Light and Dark

It happened after swimming a few rounds. There was this hesitation: shall I plunge in again and stay longer in the refreshing sea? Or, as I was looking around, seeing drifting in from the South all those darkening clouds, mixed with the white greys meaning thunder… But above my head the wide blue and white sky, leaving open bright sunny spots… Bad weather had been announced, but experience here at the peninsula has taught me not to anticipate too quickly. Under circumstances it’s rewarding to stay patiently and await the unforeseeable changes in the evolving cloud patterns. But sometimes you may run fast not to be soaked.

And so it remained this changing but in its newness the same sort of situation: undecidably I got involved further and further into an ongoing dance with the vanishing, hiding or peeping through of the sun. That alternating of short lived light planes and threatening shadows over the sandy desert towards the horizon. As I walked on along the surf to the South, slowly and frequently looking around in all directions, I understood that this was to be my special lesson for today. Again, what do you do when there is absolutely NoThing to expect from this Blippadition. Nuts, Nada, No Bird, No waves. No seal. No Meeting, No Surprise, No Boat, No Nothingness. Humm, just Hummm…

I kept looking around and feeling astonished about all those changing differences and contrasts and contradictions in the sky. Skies, I experienced so many of them and they lifted me up into their play of change. Almost an hour later, there were no other people left on the peninsula and I still couldn’t tell if or when we would have those thunderstormy showers. And so I lost myself to be invited into this dance of light and darkness, turning back to the North much later. And even then, when I had crossed over to the dunes to pick up my bike, the sun broke through and made me stay once more for a while just to let me be cherished by that warmth, while looking far over the darkening sea.