Serenity over the Brüggenfelder Upland

As the sun is gaining strength every day we enjoyed our first lunch outside on the balcony, in spite of the cold Southern wind. After all the heavy and grey days of the weeks that passed it would be a good opportunity to try the High Footway into the Solling Forest. And from there to descend and cross the wide open winter fields of the Brüggenfelder farmlands. The muddy track had been grubbed up by boars. Many hoofs of deer. A red squirrel danced across through the bush and slipped away between the bare trees.

Early in the morning you will see more wildlife, not yet hiding. But today we were lucky to meet a few deer. Oh, this mutual surprise. You would want to sit down or lean against a tree and wait, wait patiently until they return, looking if the road is free again.

Free again! That is what you feel when you leave the forest and enter the vast space of the Brüggenfelder Fields. You can let your vision fly over this wide undulating upland, slowly bending down into the Weser valley. Garlands of trees and small bushes make the fine lines. In the distance the Westphalian forest and lower mountains rise. Vanishing in the veiling mist.

Above this wide landscape, breathtaking and breathgiving a white blue sky. Full of fanned white lines painted by the icy Southwinds. Heart & mind are hovering on the rhythm of a timeless dance all through this widening sunny upland. Down in the valley the river blinks and winks. A wonderful welcome!