The Tao of the Riverside Walk

The snow today was ravishing. I had already been shoveling the sidewalk. Not knowing that there was more to fall. And even real thick snow, which would pile up over branches, trees, rocks and pavement stones, endowing the whole Foresthill with enchanting views and sceneries. So, it was clear that after midday I would make my forest walk. Descending through the silent wood covering the Solling slope down to the Southeast riverside.

I followed the footpath alongside the Peacevalley Brook. Amazed by the splashing and splattering of wild winter stream, deeply breathing in the fresh air, fanning through the high reaching trees, firs and beeches. This is winter world at its best, I thought as I arrived at the cross point where the valley track joins the river sideway. But then I was caught by surprise.

This was the moment of Tao. The Tao of the Riverside walk. A lonely walk in the snow.The man walks on the way to the Fisherman’s Cabin. Keeping dry under his umbrella. Holding his modest shopping bag in his hand. He is slipping a bit sometimes in the fresh snow. Near the river bending I returned. And on my way back – again where the brook joins the river – I met this huge flock of chaffinches. There were thousands of them swarming in and between the beeches there. Making a snow whirl. And again I stood in awe of this moment of Tao… Not knowing what was happening here.