Today We Mourn

Today we mourn You
All, the Massacred, the
Tortured, Sacred Souls
hovering still over broken
Stones of Deadly Power.

Our tears could rise a sea
if hearts and minds were
great enough for endless
love, to bare the pains of
All the Innocents of Time,
forlorn, forgotten is their
Ending through a Tyrants
Whim, that cruelty of fate
of which no record ever
could be graphed with
bleeding nails in prison
walls or be remembered
as our Cause of Freedom.

And therefore let me stay
today in silent prayer here:
O You who save us all,
come, let your Spirit raise
our trembling aching voice
to join the helping hands
of everlasting Consolation.

Let us pray for Hope Anew
and Wonder to transcend
this ugly trashing world into
a open place to stay and
be here safe for Rage or
Evil Death. So give us now
that strength we need to
join the softly powers of
the Butterflies, and feel
the frailty of their Flower
Dance, O you who give
the calmness, please shine
your Light all through this
praying in the darkness
of our helpless grief.