Walking Together in the Snow

Live your daily life in love, peace and contentment. That was the simple practical truth my grandmother taught me. She survived WWII as a widow. She had lost all of her possessions in a bombardment. I loved to visit her and stay over in her small modestly furnished room. She never traveled anymore. She only minded to live her pious life as dedicated member of a free protestant church-community (Mennonites).

After her death in 1975 I knew that now I would have to be responsible for the spiritual quality of my future life. And on major cross-points during my life I stayed in close contact with her: Are you following the right way? Your way of spiritual destiny, she means. And of course she knows all my mistakes. The stupid and overambitious ones. And more… But we stay in contact, wherever I am. Are you following the way of true and simple love, she asks.

This afternoon we walked in the thin but fresh falling snow. We were alone alongside the river and searched for views and perspectives. I cherish these walks. They belong to the most precious gifts as we are both approaching the age of my grandmother as I remember her most intensely. So when you see here those two whitened willow bushes at the riverside, you may recognize the silence in our happy hearts. A kind of still-life of our present state of mind & heart.