Mysty River Dragon roaring beyond the Turning

My morning exercise – dedicated partly to the Oaktree and partly to the Moon – gave me that deep singing feeling in my belly as I first did the Garbage-Thing and then started a long walk. Climbing higher up into the Hill-forest and then – from its source – following the Little Brook all the way downstream. Until I reached a dark, cold, very windy and frosty Riverside.

And, as happens so often during this kind of Blippedition, there things were urging me in unpredictable directions. Apparently, I had arrived in an area where some unknown special things were going on: the Sun was still hidden behind the Brandenberg Forest. A strong icy Eastwind blew right through my bones. Three swans came flying in making a turn towards the Diemel Sideriver. Further on upstream beyond the turning of the river a Mysty Dragon was building itself on, preparing for an attack. In the distance the first sun rays spread a beam of yellowy light over the Dragon’s Steamy Back.

I couldn’t tell you why I had to move further into the freezing cold, over the white frozen riverside grasses and through the reed. Perhaps I first had to engage into the icy magic of an indescribable scene: that faraway riverside, a tree, the turning of the swift fleeting waters.

Behind the turning: that Mysty Dragon moving towards me, enlightened with first sun rays. As I approached further, trembling with half frozen fingers, I felt seduced into losing my self, to open up for that original happening of What?..Look, feel, listen..